VST MIDI Control Extension

VST MIDI Control Extension 2.1

VST MIDI Control Extension is a plugin wrapper attached to the VST plugin (See all)

VST MIDI Control Extension (MCX) is a plugin wrapper attached to the selected VST plugin that extends the plugin with MIDI controlling capabilities. The extension allows you to assign each parameter of the VST plugin to a MIDI control event (CC0 - CC127) or to a virtual control element. It works with both VST and VSTi plugins. On VST hosts without or with bad MIDI controlling setup, you will be able to control your virtual devices from your MIDI controller very easily.
The extension is configurable by one-click Learn function and moving the requested knob on your device. The extension configuration is saved with the attached plugin's preset data.
The software package contains a special device in form of a VSTi that allows controller device virtualization. Using this approach isn't needed to route MIDI channels from/to the MCX-wrapped plugins, MCX does the routing itself independently from VST host you use. MCX virtual device clones your device on layer basis. It's skinnable to allow realistic representation of physical devices and their status in the VST environment.
Main features:
- supports VST/VSTi plugins (waveshell plugins and plugins without GUI currently not supported)
-comfortable parameter assignment using Learn button on the extended plugins and on the virtual devices
-configuration panel for plugin selection
-1 MIDI CC or Virtual Device control item assignment for each parameter of the extended plugin
-independent configuration of each plugin instance saving with the instance's preset data
-default preset template for each extended plugin and for each virtual device skin
-named plugin instances and parameters for automatic re-linking
-MIDI Thru option
-skinnable virtual device VSTi for physical controller virtualization
-2-way MIDI communication allowing MIDI feedback
-MIDI event filtering and transformation on the extended plugins
-layer-based cloning of the physical controllers
-several synchronization methods of the controlled parameter position and its physical position
-several MIDI routing methods
-MIDI controllable layer switching

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